A curriculum designed to plant seeds of knowledge that enhance the performance of students for years to come.


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All students are created differently and therefore our philosophy is to use a curriculum that tailors learning to the mind of each child. We discover the learning style of each and every one of our students and customize their educational experience while promoting social efficacy. We believe in intellectualism: exploring the world around you and bringing up leaders that will solve the problems of tomorrow. Early childhood education is where it starts.


Our Preschool Division (6 months to 4 years) is characterized by a Montessori-based learning environment and rooted in the belief that the early years are the most important years for your child. The principal roles of our educators are to promote the physical, mental, and social development of our students and to enhance their early learning. Our engaging facility naturally encourages exploration and sensory play.

Download the Preschool Curriculum

Our Primary Schooling Division (kindergarten to 3rd grade) has a challenging yet malleable curriculum that meets students exactly where they are and pushes them to be their very best. The Montessori setting characterized by the Preschool Division will continue for students moving to our Primary Schooling Division. However, lessons and assignments are more rigorous and the successful completion of independent work is expected. Students will investigate the world around them through books, articles, writing, experiments, and experiential learning outside of the classroom. They will learn the value of being inquisitive and will be taught how to tackle questions analytically.

Download the Primary Schooling Curriculum

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  • Spring Open House– May
  • Application Deadline for Fall Admission – July
  • Fall Open House– October
  • Application Deadline for Spring Admission – November


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Visual and Creative Arts
History and Society
Oral and Written Communication


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